Risk-Can Underwriting Managers

Promotions and service offerings can be a valuable way to attract customers to your business, and our contingency products are designed to help you run these activities without the fear of a huge financial loss. 

Coverage Highlights:

  • Prize Indemnity Cover
  • Meaningful Limits
  • Bespoke Underwriting
  • Exceptional Service Levels

Who's if for?

  • Consumer goods industry
  • Event organisers
  • Golf days
  • Lotteries
  • Online and land based casinos
  • Retailers
  • Sponsorship providers
  • Sports teams and venues
  • Trade shows 

What does it cover?

Our policy covers the value of prizes offered in scenarios such as the below:

  • Contractual bonus liability
  • Lottery jackpots
  • Mathematical games
  • Sports prediction games
  • Sports skill prizes