Risk-Can Underwriting Managers

For many businesses, much of their value lies in what makes them unique. That’s why we believe it’s vitally important to protect the patents, trade marks, copyrights, and other intellectual property that makes your business competitive and successful. Our intellectual property policy covers the defence and pursuit of intellectual property infringement claims, which can be catastrophic for any business. 

Coverage Highlights:

  • Patent and IP Infringement Liability
  • Contractual Indemnities Cover
  • Pursuit of Infringers
  • Loss of Profit Cover
  • Loss of IP Right Cover
  • Exceptional Service Levels

What we like:

Start-ups to businesses with a turnover of up to $250m that operate in the following fields:

  • Construction, including tools and machinery
  • General manufacturing, including components for non-consumer products and machinery
  • Professional services, such as architects and engineers
  • Design
  • Oil and gas
  • Mining and metals

What we consider:

Companies with a turnover of $250m - $500m and/or those that operate in the following fields:

  • Drug discovery in the pre-commercialisation stage
  • Software development, including computer games
  • Manufacturing of niche small volume consumer products or automotive components
  • Renewable energy
  • Fashion
  • Advertising
  • Medical devices