Risk-Can Underwriting Managers

Architects and engineers engage in a broad range of disciplines which vary widely from project to project. Oftentimes, these projects are located around the globe and necessitate working in a wide range of legal and technical environments. It’s therefore critically important for architects and engineers to buy an insurance policy which covers these diverse exposures. Our product is not just professional liability insurance. It is a modular policy which specifically targets key exposures for architects and engineers.  

Coverage Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Legal Cover
  • Contractual Liability
  • Full Pollution Liability
  • Breach of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Withheld Fees & Claims Cover
  • Cyber & Privacy
  • Traditional CGL and Property Cover

What We Like:

  •  Engineers
    • HVAC, electrical, mechanical, acoustic, plumbing, drafting, town planning, feasibility studies, expert witness, project management
  • Architectural
    • Interior design, architects, landscape architects
  • Surveying
    • Archaeological

What We Consider:

  • Engineers
    • Environmental, thermal, systems, safety reliability, applied, biological, mechatronics, agricultural, nano-engineering, health & safety, product safety, robotics, solar energy systems, wind energy, chemical, electrical (power), biomedical, industrial, civil, manufacturing, mining, geological, structural, geotechnical
  • Surveying
    • Environmental, land, GI S, hydrographic, engineering, mapping, mining, geological, building (excl. S&V), welding inspection